Q: Why don't you have skeds or should I ask are you considering having skeds at some time?

A: No, we don't have skeds and we do not intend to introduce them at all. - This is the major plus with the HFoZ Network, If you look carefully at the services and facilities we provide, you'll understand why we don't need skeds, as you can log to our database (both GPS Positions and Messages) yourself and anyone you give permission to, can access those log files - This is far surperior to any 'so called' skeds.

Q: Compared to other Australian networks you seem to have not many base sites - Is this adequate?

A: On the surface that would appear to be correct but there are several other considerations to be kept in mind. Firstly, three base sites is more than adequate to cover Australia as far as distance goes. It's more to do with the number of users you have using the network and the type of calling that is carried out. We're constantly monitoring the network loading/congestion and when it starts to increase beyond an acceptable level we'll then no doubt consider additional base sites.

Q: When I try and upload GPS positions to the mapping I can't get the map to come up?

A: You must set your computer to allow Popups for this site - sometimes various other setup parameters will be required to be changed but the HFoZ web site should prompt you with these alterations

Q: HFoZ Radio Guidelines stipulates that you must receive 2 revertives when sending Emails, GPS or SMS messages, however sometimes I can hear the second revertive returning but do not get the actual message on my radio stating "Your message (or GPS Position) has been logged"?

A: This is something that is just an idiosyncrasy of HF transmission - Here's a little secret, as long as you actually hear the data returning for the Second Revertive Message you can be assured that your Message, Email or GPS position has been logged or sent correctly but if in doubt just send it again - it's better to be logged twice than not at all.

Q: I'm not receiving emails sent from head office re HFoZ Updates, news etc?

A: Please ensure you haven't got our email address blocked in your spam filter settings - if so, go to your spam filter setup and ensure your have our email addresses in the 'Allowed' section.

Q: I own an Apple Mac computer and cannot get the mapping to come up on screen. My operating system is Safari which is standard with the computer as supplied?

A: There is 2 possible remedies to fix this problem - Firstly ensure you have the latest upgrade to Safari, this will just about certainly fix your problem - Ensure you click on 'Safari' then 'Preferences' then in the box that appears 'Security' untick 'Block pop-up windows' If this doesn't work download & install the "Firefox" browser. Do as above re pop-up windows.

Q: When I receive emails on my computer from HFoZ users the message is all jumbled and formatted incorrectly - For your info I use Eudora Email program?

A: To display the HFOZ message with the correct formatting using Eudora, click on Tools/Options and in the drop down box under Category select Viewing Mail. Then in Message Window click on "Use Microftsoft's Viewer".


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